A little bit about MaKe It From Love

I haven’t posted in a while (nearly a month, bad blogger, bad) – the kids have been sick, first A with a nasty flu, then E caught it and had to be hospitalized for 3 days (my heart goes out to parents whose children are chronically ill, no child should ever be that sick), and then A got sick AGAIN.  He’s slowly on the mend now but it’s been a rough month to say the least.  Needless to say, I’ve barely managed to make meals and do laundry let alone get any crafts or projects done.  So, in the absence of new fun things to share, I’d like to share a little bit about the name of this blog.

My husband and I are always throwing around ideas for different projects that we can do to help improve our home, or new creations we can come up with to add beauty to our lives. My husband is very handy – he gets it from his father who is an excellent woodworker (though he’ll never let you believe it).  He grew up in the country, or “in the bush” as he calls it, working with his hands, and he feels most at home when building or creating things.  I have always been very crafty and I’ve always loved creating things.  I have a vivid imagination and a forward driven personality, so I’m never short on ideas.  I also love organization, so many of our projects typically aim to help make our lives a little less cluttered, though there never seems to be a shortage of those.  We complement each other well and can put our heads and hands together to come up with some pretty nifty things (if I do say so myself).

We also daydream about having our own business one day based on our creativity and ability to create.  We have ongoing conversations about this little pipedream business of ours – a small home décor and renovations business; Husband and wife team come in and help you figure out your design style, put together a plan and execute it.  A one-stop shop, from start to finish.  We’ll help design and build your dream (insert room here).  Like I said, it’s our pipedream.

In these conversations about our little make believe business, we’ve discussed what we would call ourselves.  We want to make sure it represents us, who we truly are.  One day, Keegan came up with “MaKe Inc” (or something to that effect).  I am M (Mélanie), A is for our little man, K for hubby and E for our little lady (we knew her name long before she was born).  I loved it! Ever since then, “MaKe” has been our private little theme word for our family.

So there you have it.  Our little family makes “MaKe” and we love making things! 🙂



We Made a Baby!

Just wanted to pop in to say I might be a little sparse on posts in the next little while because our little lady made her grand appearance 2 weeks early! E was born December 8, weighing in at a teeny tiny 5lbs 11oz but completely healthy. We’re all so in love with our little ladybug  and big brother seems to already have taken to her.  We’re home now and getting settled into our new life as a family of four 🙂


She’s here!

Growing out my pixie cut

Warning: This post isn’t about anything I made…well, I made a donation, does that count?  I wanted to share this  anyway because in the last year I’ve realized that, sometimes, knowing that someone is going through the same thing you are, even if it’s something as lame as growing out hair, can make you feel that much better when you’re feeling down.

In February I decided to take the plunge and get a “post baby chop”.  I’d been wanting to go short – VERY short – for some time, and all the post-partum hair loss and constantly having my hair up in a bun solidified my decision.  I decided I’d go for a cute, wash and wear pixie cut.  Easy peasy to manage with a little one! I also decided that since my hair was dye-free, I’d do a good deed and donate my locks to a charitable organization.

I chopped off approximately 11 inches of hair.  I wasn’t nervous.  I had put a lot of thought into my decision and I knew hair grew back.  This is the cut a few days after getting it :


Please excuse all the awful selfies to follow. But hey, how do you like that awesome baby drool on my shirt??

I forgot to mention that I also went to a brand new stylist for this cut – I ended up with a cut that was quite a bit shorter than the picture I’d brought and unfortunately the layering was a little off. I cannot over emphasize the importance of a trusted hair stylist when making a drastic style change.

I ended up donating my hair to Angel Hair for Kids.  THAT FELT GREAT.  Knowing that I could somehow help a little one who was going through an incredibly difficult time made it all the more worthwhile.


I donated about 10 inches of hair. How is it that it looks so much shinier off my head than on??

I loved my new ‘do…for about 2 weeks.  Then I quickly realized that having uber short hair with a 7 month old was not as easy as I thought it would be.  In fact, it was worse; because I HAD to style it before leaving the house.  No more waking up, throwing it in a ponytail and hitting the road.  No no, I had to somehow find a way to shower and make my hair look somewhat presentable before stepping out for the day.  For those who don’t know, having a baby means you don’t get to shower whenever you want.  You either try to wake up crazy early (to beat them to it) and get in the shower, or you wait until nap time – IF your child naps.

So less than a month sporting my new short locks I decided I was growing it out.  And let me tell you, while hair DOES grow back, it does so at a snail’s pace, and never as fast as you would like it to.   I Googled “growing out a pixie cut” for tips to make the process as painless as possible.  The number 1 thing I got from it: AVOID THE MULLET.  The key is to continue trimming the back while the top layers grow out.  So that was my plan of attack.  I didn’t take pictures at specific intervals but here are some of the looks I’ve been “rocking” (I use the term loosely as I didn’t really feel like I was “rocking” anything) over the last 9-10 months:


1 month post-chop. All dolled up for a rare night out with the girls.


This was about 2 months post-chop. You can see the bangs and top layers are starting to get a little longer. I call this the Bieber phase – it was a hard one to get through.

3 months post-chop I tried styling it style a la Anne  Hathaway.  P.s. That rugged lad standing next to me would be my wonderful better half, Keegan (he's usually pretty shy so I asked if it was ok that I use this photograph).

3 months post-chop I tried styling it style a la Anne Hathaway. 


This was around 5 months post-chop (and 4 months pregnant!) – my hair is naturally wavy so I found that saved me during those awkward few months as it hid how choppy the layers were and helped conceal the mullet (sort of). I just used a bit of curling cream and diffused or let it air dry.


7 months post-chop, it was a semi-bob. The front layers were still much shorter than the back and I still had a bit of an ear hole. I went back and forth between drying/straightening it and curling it. I tried to wash it only every 2-3 days in the hopes of limiting damage and helping it grow faster. I also got highlights (barely noticeable here) to try and jazz it up a little and break up the “growing out” monotony.

Many of the articles and blogs I read about growing out your hair encouraged the use of headbands, accessories, big earrings, etc… to help make the growing out process more fun and stylish.  However, I have an abnormally small head, and headbands never fit me right or stay on.  Also, big earrings while on maternity leave with grabby hands = disaster.  So, I never really put those tips into practice.  To make matters worse, when little man was 9 months old I found out I was pregnant with kid 2.0.  As I got rounder, I felt more and more self-conscious about the lack of hair on my head – like I was out of balance: small head, hardly any hair, very round body.  To say my self-esteem took a beating is an understatement.

Luckily, pregnancy hormones help hair grow faster 🙂  At almost 10 months post-chop (and 9+ months pregnant) I finally have a real bob.  My hair finally looks like a style that I’ve purposely chosen, not some semblance of an attempt to have a “funky” short haircut.

10 months post-chop, it's a bob! At my last trim, I asked my AMAZING stylist (who I found a few months ago) to trim the back layers into a sort of a-line bob. Although the front is still a bit shorter than I would like, it's MUCH better and mullet-free :)

10 months post-chop, it’s a bob! At my last trim, I asked my AMAZING stylist (who I found a few months ago) to trim the back layers into a sort of a-line bob. Although the front is still a bit shorter than I would like, it’s MUCH better and mullet-free 🙂

It’s still not as long as I’d like.  Ideally I’d have wanted to be able to put it up by the time this little one came along, and it doesn’t look like that’ll be the case.  But it’s not far off.  All in all, I don’t regret cutting it off.  One of the biggest reasons for this is the donation I made – no matter how awkward and un-sexy I’ve felt in the last year, I made a choice to cut my hair off.  Too many people, including children, have this choice made for them due to a cruel twist of fate.  If I can help them feel even a little bit better about themselves, that makes me feel good.