Pssst…I have a new blog!

I’m embarking on a new adventure in cookie decorating and I’ve decided to dedicate a new blog entirely to this venture. Not to worry, I’ll still be posting all my other creations here!  If you want follow me along my cookie decorating journey, head on over to!



DIY Canvas Art

Art can be expensive, VERY expensive, but without it, walls look bare.  What to do? My answer: make your own! I’ve always loved sketching and painting, but you don’t have to have an ounce of artistic talent in your body to make beautiful art you can proudly hang on your walls.  All you need are some blank canvases and acrylic paint…oh, and maybe a paint brush or two (but don’t dismiss the idea of finger painting!)

We painted our master bedroom earlier this year and went with a charcoal grey, white and yellow colour scheme.  We don’t have a head board so I wanted to create some abstract geometric art to hang above the bed.  We got two big canvases out and used painter’s tape to outline the shapes.  Then we painted in the empty spaces in grey and yellow.  My husband got in on the action and we each painted a canvas. When the paint was dry, we removed the painter’s tape and voila: Art! I was very happy with the result and it only took about an hour to make!

Geometric Painting

For my friend’s 30th birthday I made this canvas for party decor (and as a bonus gift).


We just recently finished our basement which will serve as a playroom for the next few years.  We had a very small budget so we purchased some inexpensive toy storage and used whatever other furniture we already had.



As you can see, it’s relatively bright and cheerful (considering it’s in the basement!), but there was definitely a little something missing.  I had some extra canvases lying around so I decided to make some afternoon DIY art.

I looked up silhouettes for animals and sketched them out on paper, then cut out the shapes to create a template:


Then I painted the canvases in four fun and vibrant colours.


I used the cut out templates to trace a pencil line of the silhouette then painted it white.  I did 2 coats of the white to make sure the background colour didn’t show through.


I find it really finishes the space! I also made a triangle garland using scrapbook paper in similar colours to help tie it all together.


It really is that easy! Grab a canvas, some paint and a brush (or whatever else you want!) and start creating 🙂