It was a Moustache Bash!

I’ve been meaning to post this for a while now but, well, life got in the way!

My son turned 2 in July and I wanted to have a themed party with family and friends, but didn’t want to use up any “good” themes (like dinosaurs or construction) when he’s too young to fully appreciate and have fun with it.  We decided to throw a moustache bash because, let’s be honest, that’s just as fun for the adults as it is for the kiddos! (Ok, maybe even more so.)

My very good friend offered to take pictures of the shindig (thanks MP!!). However, in spite of all my organization leading up to the party, the one thing I neglected was locating the good camera.  We are finishing the basement and it’s gone missing somewhere among the chaos. I’m sure it’ll turn up at some point, but unfortunately that means all the pictures of the party were taken with my phone.  Lesson learned!

I stuck to a black and white colour scheme because moustaches are classic.  I found an awesome chalkboard banner at Target and had it hanging in the entrance with black and white balloons and streamers.


I made a banner with his name to hang above the sweets table – you can’t see it from the picture, but the clothes pins holding the banner pieces had little moustaches on them.  I found them at Michaels and thought they were just too adorable to pass up.  IMG_2767

Friends of ours got us the Little Man canvas and it fit in perfectly with the decor! IMG_2764

For dessert I’d made chocolate cupcakes with a cream cheese Oreo frosting, sugar, gingerbread and chocolate sugar cookies, and we had some dark chocolate and yogurt covered almonds (YUM!).IMG_2747

The cupcake toppers are from Etsy.  I also ordered a moustache hole punch from Etsy (yes, you read that right, a moustache hole punch) and made card stock moustaches on a sick.  I also couldn’t pass up giving our little guy a moustache on his baby picture.  Just too cute!IMG_2775


I found moustache candles at Party City – seriously moustache stuff is everywhere!! I also had moustache print cupcake liners but unfortunately I didn’t factor in the fact that chocolate cake in white liner would hide the pattern 😦  You could still see it up close but it didn’t have the impact I was hoping for.Dessert table_1

I bought a moustache cookie cutter (from Etsy) and made a TON of moustache shaped cookies and frosted them with royal icing (for the dark cookies) and chocolate buttercream. The great thing about these was that I was able to make them ahead of time, freeze them, and they still tasted great.  IMG_2755

I found this cute chalkboard easel at Michael’s and the moustache bins at Target so I set up a little display at the entrance where guests could grab all kinds of stick-on moustaches and join in on the fun.  IMG_2751


And of course the home-made fabric loot bags filled with a moustache cookie and some other little goodies for the kiddos.IMG_2771

I found moustache duct tape (yes, duct tape!) and wrapped it around some water bottles for our drink station.  The straws and moustaches are from Party City.Wet your whiskers

I had bought a big moustache pinata and had planned on using it as an activity, but, upon further reflection, I decided giving a bunch of toddlers a bat and telling them to hit stuff might not be the best idea.  So instead we used it as decor above the food table and I’ll save it for another occasion (maybe a Mexican fiesta!). I had also planned on having a “Pin the moustache on” game and moustache prop photo station but unfortunately I ran out of time. 😦Pinata

Our mothers helped us out greatly in making a delicious spread for our guests. IMG_2735

I used my (awesome) moustache hole punch to make place cards to let people know what was what. I also had some fun naming some of the food items 🙂  In addition to this spread, we also had a “shaved pork” (hehe) sandwich station.  I made the pork in the crockpot using this slow cooker pulled pork recipe from Simply Recipes – it is AMAZING and we make it all the time.  It was a crowd pleaser!

Pasta sign

I used the cookie cutter to make little cucumber “manwiches” – so much fun!IMG_2763

I found the perfect moustache plates and napkins at Target (LOVE that store!).


So there you have it – our little man’s moustache bash! If you’re looking to have a themed party (for adults and kids alike!) I highly recommend going the moustache route because it’s just everywhere right now and is so much fun to plan.