All Purpose Baby Blankets

photo 3

A friend had made these blankets for me when I was expecting the little man and I’ve found them to be so handy in a number of ways. They’re the perfect size to fit the playpen mattress so when he was itty bitty (and still today when we travel) we used them as “sheets” in the playpen.  Now that he’s bigger, they’re great for covering him up – light enough that he doesn’t get caught up in them but thick enough to keep him warm.  He loves the silky feel of the binding and often will cuddle up with a corner.  They’re also great for swaddling in the colder months, which will be very handy with the little miss.  These blankets are VERY basic and easy to make.  Not very fancy, but we use them so often, they’re worth their weight in gold.

To make these blankets, I bought 1.5 meters of flannel and around 5 meters of blanket binding per blanket (I had a bit left over at the end).  I pre-washed and dried the flannel with baby friendly detergent to accommodate for any shrinking. I folded the flannel in half lengthwise, wrong sides together, to get the final size.  Given that they never cut the fabric perfectly straight, I had to trim some of the edges to make them line up.  I then ironed the fabric to smooth out any folds or bumps.

Pinning the binding to the edges and mitering the corners can be a little tricky because the binding slips, but that really is the most challenging part of this project. Start off the binding about halfway down a long side of the flannel, tucking the flannel as far into the binding as possible.  To miter the edges, fold the overlapping fabric at a 45-degree angle, pinning at the corner*.


Pin all around the edges.  When your binding meets up with where you started, cut it with a 2-3 inch overlap.  Fold the top overlapping edge under and pin.


I ironed out all the corners and the binding seam to make it a bit cleaner and help keep everything in place.  Now you’re ready to sew!

I use a zigzag stitch, but you could probably experiment with something a little fancier, or stick to a straight stitch.  Stitch about ¼ of an inch from the edge of the binding all the way around the perimeter of the blanket.  I like to start at the binding seam. When you get to the corners, stitch in far enough to ensure the mitered folds are sewn in, lift the foot with the needle down, rotate, lower foot and continue on along the adjacent edge.  I like to backstitch in the corners as well to make them nice and secure.  Backstitch when you get to the binding seam to finish it off.


Not the cleanest, I’ll admit. I still need to perfect my corners and sewing technique.

The last part is to stitch the binding seam (where the binding overlaps).  It’s just a simple up and down stitch, backstitching at the beginning and end.

photo 3-1

And there you have it, an easy multi-use baby blanket that you and your little one will love  🙂

photo 2

*Note: I despise mitering the corners.  I somehow always mess one up and I have yet to master this part, but the more blankets I make, the better I get at it.  If anyone has any tips on how to make this easier, please share them!!


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