DIY Infinity Scarves

I love scarves, all kinds of scarves.  It’s a bit of an obsession.  To the point where my husband has banned me from purchasing any more of them.  He never said I couldn’t make them though 😉

I found this tutorial from one of my favourite blogs, Maybe Matilda.  I love that it’s easy (i.e. lazy) and doesn’t require extensive sewing knowledge.  I happened across this really cute fabric at 50% off and decided to try my hand at my own infinity scarf.


I followed the instructions exactly and it really was SO easy – it took me all of 15 minutes to make.  The only part I had trouble with was tucking the ends together because the fabric was a bit slippery.  I bought a metre of fabric and made 2 scarves out of it: one for my mom (for Christmas) and one for me.  I plan on buying more fabric and making one for my mother in law for Christmas as well.  I think it looks pretty cute!



I also found jersey knit fabric on sale and given that baby #2 is on her way (soon!) I decided to try my hand at an infinity scarf nursing cover.  I’d seen a few tutorials and from what I could tell it involved all of one stitch.  Yep, that’s it, that’s all.  However, even though knits typically don’t fray, I decided to roll hem the outside (long) edges to give it a bit of a cleaner look:


Then I just sewed the 2 shorter ends together, wrong sides together, and voilà! Easy as pie DIY infinity scarf and nursing cover. It’s very warm and will be very practical when I’m out and about with the little lady!


Nursing cover scarf_close up



I’d like to try my hand at a more complex fabric next time and maybe find a tutorial that can teach me how to hide that final looping stitch. I have yet to find one I feel I could successfully execute, but practice makes perfect.  Guess that means I’ll just have to keep making scarves 😉


5 thoughts on “DIY Infinity Scarves

    • For the first scarf, I got 1 metre of fabric by the width of the fabric which I believe was somewhere around 150cm. I cut the fabric in half length-wise to make 2 scarves. So for one scarf the dimensions would be roughly 50 x 150 cm. The final scarf comes out at around 25cm wide (give or take for the seam allowance). You can vary the dimensions based on the look you want but you need at least 150cm in length to have enough to wrap around.

  1. The advantage of infinity scarves is that you don’t have to do a lot of fussing with the scarf to look great! You pretty much just wrap it and go, which is perfect for those of us who always seem to be rushing from one place to the next without a lot of time to spare on primping. This can be good also for the mommies as a nursing cover when their baby is hungry and need to be fed. 🙂

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