Stuffed Taggie Animals

I’d been wanting to try making some sort of taggie toy for my little guy for a while when I came across a Pin for a stuffed taggie dinosaur.  Our nick-name for him is T-Rex so I thought it would be a perfect fit.  I had some left over fabric from a bundle I’d gotten at Walmart and left over stuffing from another project so I figured I’d give it a shot and if it wasn’t a success, hey, no harm done!

Since I’m still very much a beginner, I aimed for a very simple pattern. It was actually quite easy and I was very happy with how it turned out! Here is the finished product:

Dino 2

 Dino 1

I only had enough of each fabric to do one side, but I kind of like that it’s different patterns on each side – I just made sure to stick with fabrics that had geometric patterns to maintain some consistency.   My little guy loves his dino (he carries it around saying “raawr” :D) and I couldn’t be more proud to have given him something to snuggle and play with.

My friend’s little girl is celebrating her first Christmas this year (and incidentally, also her first birthday a few days later), so I wanted to make her a little something special.  I immediately thought of another stuffed taggie.  Dinos aren’t really her thing, so I decided to try a giraffe.  I found this super cute and fun fabric (again at Walmart) and very chic and girly ribbon:

Ribbon and fabric

The fabric is cotton: washable and kid-friendly.

Cute combo right??  I washed the fabric first in hypoallergenic baby friendly soap (same we use for the big guy) and ironed it out.  I then cut the pattern shape out of sturdy cardboard.  I use very high tech gear for these types of projects:

I jump on any chance I get to use recycled materials!

I jump on any chance I get to use recycled materials!

When tracing out the shape, I try to make it about ½ inch bigger all the way around than the actual size I’d like the stuffed animal to be to accommodate for the seam allowance.  I kept the shape nice and simple:


To give you an idea of dimensions, this is pattern 10 inches tall, 4 inches wide at the head and 5 1/4 inches wide at the feet.

With the fabric folded in half, right sides together, I traced the shape onto the fabric, pinned and cut out it out.  I then cut the ribbon into 4 pieces, each about 4-5 inches long.  Folding the ribbon pieces in half, wrong sides together, I placed them along the neck of the giraffe between the pieces of fabric, raw edges facing out and folded ends facing in toward the center of the giraffe shape, pinning them into place (see picture below to help make sense of this).  I also found some left over small white binding and decided to add a little tail to give the giraffe a little more character.

Pinned pattern

Ribbon close up

Pin the ribbon towards the center of the shape between the two pieces of fabric.

Then it’s just a matter of stitching around the perimeter of the giraffe with a seam allowance of no more than 1/4 inch and leaving about a 2 inch opening to turn the shape inside out (I left my opening between the legs of the giraffe).  I used a simple straight stitch all the way around.  I’m still new to this whole sewing thing so I had a little trouble rounding some of the corners but all in all it was pretty easy.

A note about the neck: given that the ribbon was longer than the width of the neck, I had to fold it over on itself between the fabric so that I didn’t accidently sew it into the seam on the opposite side of the neck.

I then turned the shape inside out and stuffed it – I used polyester, hypoallergenic and washable stuffing.  I was amazed at how much stuffing the little thing took!

Stuffed unstitched

I chose to leave the opening between the legs to make it a little easier to conceal my hand stitching.

Once it was full, I hand stitched the opening closed.  Again, I’m new at this so it’s not the prettiest job, but I wanted to make sure it was secure since I know how rough kids can be with their toys.  Here’s the finished product:

Finished product

  And there you have it! Easy DIY cuddly friends 🙂

Stuffed buddies


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