DIY Christmas Ornaments

Three of my nearest and dearest friends and their significant others are celebrating some pretty important firsts this Christmas: first Christmas in their home, first with their new puppy, and first as husband and wife.   To help them celebrate these milestones this holiday season I wanted to make them special personalized ornaments.

I found images of simple shapes that I wanted for each ornament and asked my father in law to cut them out of wood (maple to be exact).  If you don’t have a handy-dandy father in law (or someone who can cut wood for you), lots of craft stores sell stock wooden shapes, some already with a hole for a lanyard.

Here are the plain shapes:


I chose lovebirds, a simple house and dog paw as ways to represent each of the milestones. I liked the simplicity of each one.

I then painted each one with acrylic.  I wanted to keep them fairly rustic as I find that’s always a classic look for the holidays and goes with most décor, so I stuck with neutral colours.  I tried to keep natural wood wherever I thought it would work.  I also wanted to make sure I incorporated the year on each one, even if it was on the back.  Finally, I used twine as the lanyard – again, keeping it rustic.

Here are the finished products:


I’m not 100% happy with the writing and script – I’d like to find something that’s a little easier to write with than the paintbrush I currently use.


I put the dates on the back of the paw and house to keep the fronts clutter-free.

I need to work on my script/writing, but overall I’m pretty happy with them and I really hope my friends will love them too.


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